Healing Arizona Veterans is a non-profit working to educate Arizonans about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for military TBI and complicated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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NFL Legend Joe Namath on Bloomberg discusses his HBOT experience

Brig. Gen. Patt Maney describes his experience with HBOT after unsuccessful conventional treatment

NFL Pro Bowl linebacker Bill Romanowsky explains why he feels HBOT should be standard treatment for concussions


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HELP NEEDED ASAP! Veterans we need to help this homeless veterans camp to restore itself. Please help if you can.
URGENT! Camp Conklin suffered worst destruction in 2 years of operation.
Heading to Bravo Base - "Camp Conklin" with help that includes Commander Little Bear to repair the Camp. Report coming in is that all lives were safely evacuated to HMS Fasteners but Camp is half demolished.
Immediate needs for this evening and tomorrow:
Sand bags / Tarps
Long steel tent stakes / rebar
3 "Instant Tents" decent size
Fuel cards
Will be going to live video on the Ground within an hour. We will be there all night through tomorrow to make sure Camp is rebuilt. Would love to have some company tonight so please come out if you are available.
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Today we got hit hard with wind and rain. The evacuation to HMS went very well. We have 100 percent accountability of all residence and zero injuries to report.

Command has done a damage assessment of the base. There is a team working on rebuilding now.

I will keep everyone updated here as thing progress in the rebuilding. As we will be busy rebuilding please feel free to contact me on my phone 520.244.6764 (Logan) for information.

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Listen tonight to a blog radio show featuring TWO veterans that have had great benefits from their Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is the therapy being kept from our veterans with TBI/PTSD because a lack of action by our Congress members. ... See MoreSee Less

Listen tonight to Blog Talk Radio to listen to Oxygen Oasis friends Micheal Clair and Robin Wraight O'Bannon share how #HBOT helped them get their health and their lives back.
Click on the link below Wednesday, July 19th 7pm CST, 8pm EST to listen to Paige, Micheal and Robin.

Pro Wrestler and Musician Micheal "Bear" Clair, and SGT Robin O'Bannon are talking about "HBOT" or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Micheal and Robin being veterans, have had therapy through the chambers of HBOT. I will talk to them both about their experiences of this treatment, the benefits of this treatment and who benefits from this treatment. If you are a veteran, it would be of an utmost interest to tune in because this treatment has a lot of benefits for our vets. I want to thank Micheal and Robin for participating in this show and I am really excited to become involed in their research and other ways in means to get something done about having FDA bring this on board. So I hope to see you Wednesday July 19, 2017 at 8:00pm Eastern Time on Intercomm Radio Network and The Paige Roberts Show.
Paige Roberts Victoria Bliss United States Air Force Air Force Reserve Recruiting - Philadelphia WWF Jane Demmer Darnell Jason J Friel Melissa Mazzacano Cirafisi Liz Cerrato

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7598 N. La Cholla Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85741
Ph. (520) 229-2122